The design of BREWVIE, which enables efficient space utilization, has also been applied to the BREWVIE lite. The BREWVIE lite is a reasonable machine while maintaining the accuracy, speed and ease of the BREWVIE.

BREWVIE lite has a drainage on the top of the product, providing efficient flow path.

Through the new user interface of the BREWVIE lite, you can check the brewing flow rate and brewing time when setting up a recipe.

By using the isolated dual-heaters, the target temperature can be reached in a short time, minimizing extraction and waiting time.

​Over 60 cups per hour can be extracted (3 machines-1 set, extraction temperature 90 degrees, 1 cup 250ml)

The BREWVIE lite uniformly and precisely controls the flow rate through a new flow-based control system.


BREWVIE lite preheated through a circulation system before extraction to maintain a consistent brewing temperature from start to finish, and the center guide LED indicates where to place the dripper and server to ensure accurate extraction.



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